And the day you get back to the attitude of Who knows? Let\'s take a chance! That entrepreneurial spirit, even if you don\'t like or understand what it is that\'s coming in the the door, the person sitting in the executive chair may not be the final arbiter of taste of the entire population. - Frank Zappa the artwork of James Greene to contact:

I, PLUTO (2009)

Silkscreen on Tar Paper, 12′ x 8′ x 5″, 2009.

On view at the Folio Weekly Invitational Exhibition at the Cummer Museum, April 15-May 31


Tarpaper: Poorhouse material, petroleum-based, a reminder of our previous economy.

Pluto: 1.) A former planet, now considered to be two bodies of debris. 2.) The Roman god of the underworld, (from the Greek Hades,) lord of all riches held within the earth, 3.) Plutocracy: a government of the wealthy, by the wealthy, for the wealthy.

Columns: Banks, trust funds, the Fed, a flimsy mockup of democracy. Now the columns are capable of supporting nothing.

Eye of God: America believed that the unprecedented upward transfer of wealth witnessed over the last decades was spiritually justified. (64% of US Christians reportedly believe that the adage “God helps those who help themselves.” is in the Bible. ((It’s actually Ben Franklin echoing Voltaire.))

The Number 2: The two Americas, there is no middle class anymore.

Black and White: Dualism, binary thinking, a zero-sum, winner-takes-all worldview.

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  1. Lauren H

    the whole idea behind this piece is incredibly well all makes sense. HOW SUCCESSFUL!

    Jun 12, 2009 @ 6:09 am