And the day you get back to the attitude of Who knows? Let\'s take a chance! That entrepreneurial spirit, even if you don\'t like or understand what it is that\'s coming in the the door, the person sitting in the executive chair may not be the final arbiter of taste of the entire population. - Frank Zappa the artwork of James Greene to contact:

Photo Portfolio

Photography 2009
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This is a portfolio of 20 photographic images taken between 2008 and 2010. For many, I used a waterproof Olympus Stylus. I have two young children and take copious pictures in a wide variety of climates and conditions. I have honed my picture making practice for over 20 years, having taken up my dad’s 35mm SLR when I was 10. My BFA experience was full of both Chemical Photography and Traditional Printmaking. Since 2001 I have focused more on the printerly arts, but I have continued to take pictures (either 35mm negatives or digital snapshots) every day and use photographic elements in many of my works. The 35mm prints I so love have morphed into these digital 1200 px wide snapshots- each one a good example of the kind of things I shoot for. I have lived in several distinct regions of this country and feel I have imagined America as a realist would: by incorporating elements from my lived experience into my compositions. It will only suffice to say that I employ my own rhetoric of beauty and make it my categorical imperative with each image.