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Here are the first 7 pages of a as-of-yet-untitled space comic book written by my old pal Ben Kubczak and pencilled and inked by yours truly. This project marks my return to the comic form after nearly a decade-long period spent pursuing other graphic avenues (see portfolio.) The reasons for this return to form are numerous and now that I’m back in the comics saddle I feel like I’ve gone home, in a way.

Back in January of 2010 I was approached by an author friend of mine about doing a serious graphic novel and we worked tirelessly for weeks squaring away the plot, characters and overarching themes. Unfortunately this project was put indefinitely on hold, but gearing up for the project had whetted my appetite for the comics medium. Enter my old friend Ben, who is one of the most imaginative adults I know. Ben volunteered to produce a fun classic-style space adventure tale and in his free time banged out a 48-page script. As of this writing I am about 23 pages into pencilling and inking. The work has been fun and freeing and the time has flown by. In the meantime I have planned a handful of other less lengthy projects that I’ll be tackling this fall.


For this project I am working on an 11 x 15 inch artboard of 400 series Strathmore Bristol Board. I pencil it all using a cheap mechanical pencil. Inking is accomplished with a #1 Windsor & Newton Seven series sable brush and a mixture of one part Pro Black India Ink and three parts Speedball Superblack India Ink. I opted not to hand-letter this one until I felt more comfortable with my lettering style, so all the fonts are digital. The main font is from Blambot and it’s called Red State Blue State. The SFX are mostly accomplished using Blambot’s Armor Piercing font.

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  1. [...] On June 30th, 2011, inking and lettering was finished on all fifty pages of the space opera comic (tentatively titled “Salvaged Horizon”) I began with writer Ben Kubczak back in the spring of 2010. In the middle of the project I took a few months off to move, start a new job and experiment with ink techniques. The first few pages of the project can be viewed in B & W here. [...]

    Oct 04, 2011 @ 4:30 pm