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Pop Art, Comic Books and the High Art of Roy Lichtenstein Thursday, March 1 • 7 p.m.

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been asked to be a panelist for a public discussion hosted by the Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville on the topic of the comic book art of Roy Lichtenstein. This panel discussion is one of several events scheduled around the MOCA’s Upcoming Exhibition entitled Re:Focus, featuring 1960’s Pop Art including works by Roy Lichtenstein.

Fellow panelists include Al Letson, host of NPR’s State of the Reunion (and alleged comic book lover) plus MOCA director Marcelle Polednik.

Can’t wait to engage in a real discussion about the changing status of comic books in American culture, their mobility between “high” and “low” art spheres, and the changes in copyright laws since Roy’s day. Should be a great night.

The discussion starts at 7PM in MOCA’s 1st floor auditorium on Thursday March 1st. Check the links for more information. Hope to see folks there!- JG