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2012: Banner Year for Comics

In 2012, comics and I became blood brothers. What started in 2010 with a return to making comics artwork has quantum leaped into a regular occupation that has me using all of comics’ production techniques. This year marks the release of both a graphic novel and a 24-page standalone comic, 20 pages of which will run in an upcoming anthology. Additionally I now create web comics on a monthly basis with a group of 8 new colleagues in the comics world.

This year I traveled to the University of Oregon in Eugene OR, The Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, OH and the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach, FL all for comics purposes. In August 2012 I started teaching Sequential Art / Comic Books at the University level.

Instead of me boring you all about my 2012, just see the links below. I’ll keep you updated here, but for daily links, etc, find me at James Greene, Artist on Facebook.

2012 Comics Links in chronological order:

March 1st, 2012: Panelist, “Pop Art, Comics and the High Art of Roy Lichtenstein”, Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville, Jacksonville, FL. Presented with playwright, radio host and comics author Al Letson.

March 21st, 2012: Interviewed in the UNF Spinnaker about the MOCA comics panel. Here I announce the Sequential Art Class beginning in the Fall.

May 15th, 2012: Self-published “Salvaged Horizon”, my first published comic and also my first collaboration in the medium.

May 16th, 2012: NOMAD Mentorship Program, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR. Was flown out to Eugene where I spent 3 days teaching literature students about writing for the comics medium. Met Michael T Gilbert, creator of Mr. Monster, and Dr. Ben Saunders, Chair of Comics Studies at UO and 2012 Eisner Award Judge.

May-September, 2012: Pencilled and inked 25 pages of a graphic novel. I’ll continue with the second part this spring/summer.

August, 2012: Began teaching Sequential Art / Comic Books class, the first of its kind at UNF.

October 5th, 2012: Traveled to the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, OH to present on the panel “Authoring Comics: Form and Collaboration.” Presented with Douglas Wolk, comics critic for the NYT, and Rafael Rosado, storyboard artist for animated TV.

October 8-28, 2012: Attended 3-week artist’s residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach, where I worked with Dean Haspiel and lived with 30 cartoonists from all over the world. Read all about it here.

November 2012: Dean Haspiel writes about his experience at ACA as our mentor.

November 2012: Continuing with the collaboration the started at ACA, 8 cartoonists formed a comics making collective known as Studio Yolo. I now produce a webcomic for Yolo’s monthly comics challenge. See all of our comics here.

December 2012: Studio Yolo’s most popular creation is a character called Shifty Goth, who now has a website and it makes him sad.

January, 2013: Web-published my first script, which several cartoonists interpreted on Studio Yolo.

I’ll see you in 2013!