And the day you get back to the attitude of Who knows? Let\'s take a chance! That entrepreneurial spirit, even if you don\'t like or understand what it is that\'s coming in the the door, the person sitting in the executive chair may not be the final arbiter of taste of the entire population. - Frank Zappa the artwork of James Greene to contact:

Lithographs 2003-2006

Printmaking has allowed me to use the authority of the printed multiple in a variety of ways. I have explored the possibility of using traditional lithography to create mock historical prints that parody the notion of American aristocracy and play with concepts of taste and class. I admire the autographic drawn quality of lithography and have also used the medium to reproduce spontaneous theater-of-the-absurd doodles and random sketchbook entries.

While I usually print from stones, I have begun to experiment at home with drawing on ball-ground aluminum plates. Not having access to a litho press has led me to try printing plates using a relief press. Look for more images and plates soon.