And the day you get back to the attitude of Who knows? Let\'s take a chance! That entrepreneurial spirit, even if you don\'t like or understand what it is that\'s coming in the the door, the person sitting in the executive chair may not be the final arbiter of taste of the entire population. - Frank Zappa the artwork of James Greene to contact:

SUB BURGS (2007)

Mass suburbanization has not only widened the geographical and social space between classes, it forces everyone to spend more time in their car. The environmental decline that attends urban sprawl is not only contributing to melting ice sheets, but is causing cultural drift as we find our communities and sense of shared purpose disintegrating. The future of suburbia fascinates me. As we transition away from fossil fuels, will the endless housing developments that fill the country become ghost towns?

These burgs are all roughly shaped like US states, and each of them are printed with a logo for a fictional house sheathing “paroduct” (product parody) and an image of a typical suburban neighborhood. They were all hand-cut with a Dremel tool. Sub Burgs float around in a swimming pool, a metaphor for the rising water level that will come with global warming. Living in Florida it is especially apt.